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Siebzig Bottle



4.6% ABV Classic German Hefeweizen, named "Siebzig" which means "seventy" in German, after our 70th batch of beer brewed on site. Served with a lemon slice

Dirty Parts Bottle

Dirty Parts

Strong Scotch Ale

8.3% ABV Malty, Oaky & Smooth

Schwindel Bottle


Berliner Weisse

3% ABV Light & Tart
Berliner Weisse aged w/ Apricots

Sweet Blakely Bottle

Sweet Blakely

Raspberry Imperial Milk Stout

9% ABV Bold, sweet & perfectly roasty.

Dedicated to Blakely

Ahh… Fuggles Bottle

Ahh… Fuggles

Irish Red Ale

6% ABV BOSS Award Winning Recipe
Malty, Hoppy, all Fuggles hopped.

Proud American Bottle

Proud American

American Pale Ale

6.5% ABV This all Mosaic hopped Pale Ale is packed with Patriotic hoppy goodness!

Disorderly Conduct Bottle

Disorderly Conduct

Barleywine Style Ale

10.8% ABV Malty and roasty, this Barleywine packs a big punch in a little glass

Hop & Oats Bottle

Hop & Oats


7.1% ABV Oatmeal IPA hopped with Citra and Galaxy hops

Blood Train Bottle

Blood Train

India Red Ale

7.2% ABV / 62 IBU Perfectly balanced hoppy & malty Red IPA



Single Hop Pale Ale

5.9% ABV

Dad Bod Bottle

Dad Bod


5% ABV Light, crisp and easy to drink... Maybe too easy...

SMASH #001 Bottle

SMASH #001

Pale Ale

SMASH Series #001 - the first installment of our Single Malt and Single Hop Pale Ale Series!
Golden Promise malt and generous amounts of Simcoe hops make this a well balanced, hoppy pale ale

SMASH #002 Bottle

SMASH #002

Pale Ale

5% ABV The second edition of our Single Malt and Single Hop (SMASH) Pale Ale Series!
This light and crisp pale ale is brewed with Golden Promise malt and hopped with Huell Melon hops

Jesse Pinkman Bottle

Jesse Pinkman

Belgian Blonde Ale

5.4% ABV Belgian Blonde Ale aged with Raspberries

Calistoga Kid Bottle

Calistoga Kid

American Pale Ale

Pilsner based pale ale hopped with Falconer's Flight & Amarillo

Cherry Sleigher Bottle

Cherry Sleigher

Belgian Dubbel

6.3% ABV Christmas Spiced Belgian Dubbel aged on Dried Cherries

Franks Jorts Bottle

Franks Jorts


4.6% ABV Lemon Gose with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

F.M.L.R Bottle


Triple IPA

10.7% ABV / 68 IBU Triple IPA brewed with Citra and Galaxy, 68 IBUS. Well balanced, mild sweetness.

Cheeky Liason Bottle

Cheeky Liason


8.5% ABV Light flavored farmhouse ale, brewed with pilsner, wheat, coriander and orange peel. Fermented with a traditional Saison yeast. Semi-dry with a medium bitterness.

Chocolate Coffin Creeper Bottle

Chocolate Coffin Creeper

Chocolate Milk Stout

5% ABV We used BOXES of your favorite Vampire Cereal in this sweet chocolate milk stout! Roasted barley and chocolate malt add to the balance of this spooky stout.

Wheatus Bottle


American Wheat Ale

4.4% ABV Traditional American Wheat ale brewed with white wheat malt and flaked oats. Aged with several pounds of orange zest.

The Stubby Fiddler Bottle

The Stubby Fiddler

American Stout

7% ABV / 58 IBU Dark, roasty, chocolatey and a little hoppy.

Am I Rye’t?! Bottle

Am I Rye’t?!


6.4% ABV / 58 IBU All Centennial hopped IPA with a distinct flavor that comes from the rye malt.

Don’t Worry, Beer Happy Bottle

Don’t Worry, Beer Happy

Cream Ale

4.7% ABV / 16 IBU Light bodied, crisp and refreshing. Great balance of malt and hops!

Melon Collie and the Infinite Hoppiness Bottle

Melon Collie and the Infinite Hoppiness

Session IPA w/ Honeydew

4.5% ABV This session IPA was brewed with Sorachi Ace and Falconer's Flight. Dry hopped with Galaxy and aged with Honeydew. It's bitter, fruity, dry and sweet...

Biff Tannen Bottle

Biff Tannen

Belgian Tripel

10% ABV / 16 IBU If our calculations were correct, when this baby hits 88 mph, you're going to see some serious shit.
Coriander, orange peel and Belgian candy syrup give this Belgian Tripel a spectacular smoothness. Hibiscus added at the end adds a slightly tart finish.

Gose to Mexico and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt Bottle

Gose to Mexico and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt

German Style Sour Wheat Ale

This refreshing German style sour wheat ale was brewed with a hint of coriander and sea salt, and then soured with lactobacillus. After the beer was fermented, massive amounts of prickly pears were added to the fermenter, which give it the incredible deep pink color. Low alcohol content combined with the salinity and acidity of this beer make it a nice summer session ale.

Weed Wacker Bottle

Weed Wacker

Hoppy Wheat Ale

6.6% ABV / 37 IBU A beer perfect for working outside on a hot summer day. Or anytime! Very light, citrusy, and refreshing this wheat based beer is aggressively hopped with Amarillo to give a crisp refreshing punch of utter enjoyment.

Mad Genius Bottle

Mad Genius

Belgian Witbier

6% ABV / 14 IBU Classic Belgian Witbier brewed with oats and boatloads of coriander and fresh orange zest. Now with Apricots!

Coconut Killjoy Bottle

Coconut Killjoy

Vanilla Porter

6% ABV / 29 IBU Porter Brewed with 2 - Row Base Malt and lots of Caramel and Chocolate Malt to give it a little more sweetness. A small addition of Magnum Hops keeps this beer low on the IBUs to let the sweet goodness shine through. After fermentation this beer is aged on toasted coconut and vanilla beans.

Entry Level Snob Bottle

Entry Level Snob


7% ABV With the combination of Citra, Centennial & Simcoe hops joined with the perfect balance of malt character, this IPA is enjoyable for even the non-IPA drinkers. SHHH... we won’t tell anyone you just admitted to that. Get ready for an extra punch of aroma with this dry hopped brew.

Devils Breakfast Bottle

Devils Breakfast

Imperial Oatmeal Breakfast Stout

9.2% ABV / 52 IBU With an abundant amount of oats, chocolate, and coffee it can be confusing why this wouldn’t be the perfect breakfast drink! Or would it?